Saturday, November 04, 2006

With a Little Help from my Friends
If there's an upside to being jobless in Hong Kong, it's realizing how many good friends I've made since arriving here full of promise, hope, charity and optimism two years ago, mirthful warbling bluebirds and frisky chimpmunks on my shoulders under a minature rainbow.

Now nearly broke, under a noxious cloud with weasels ripping my flesh (nod to Mr Zappa) I have found some unexpected support from a lot of kind souls. One has offered financial assistance should it come to that. Another has offered me his home office while he's at work, complete with fax, Internet, two dogs and nearly every cinematic and musical offering of the 20th and early 21st century should I get too bored between crafting cover letters to the likes of East Asia Cylinder Boring Weekly. Others have forwarded freelance possibilities. And some have picked up the bar tab and just listened as I wept and moaned.

It's all good. Thank you.
Hi Justin,

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p.s. Good luck with Job hunting!
Dearest Justin Mitchell,
While I'm sorry to hear that the worst has finally happened and the hatchet came down, it's very good to hear that you're being well taken care of. "A man without friends can never truly be rich." Or something like that. I'd lob another invite to come crash at my pad at you, but we're experiencing something of a flea problem lately....
You know, I've heard that Qinghai is beautiful this time of year. And they finally finished the rail line to Tibet... I'm *sure* there's all kinds of freelance, unregulated journalistic possibilities up there.
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