Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Recent T-shirt spottings collected from various sources in and around Hong Kong in the last few weeks. All typos guaranteed correct.

"Happy Smell!" adorning an elderly woman.

"The World Would be Better if We All Had a Little Piece of Heart" - wearer unknown.

"Thinr About AIDS/HIV with Sammy" -- wearer unknown. (Sammy is a perky Cantopop princess)

"No Wag at Iowa" -- wearer unknown.

"Fallsoded Success Challenge" -- Worn by a 13 or 14 year-old boy.

"Wated to gml you soweting extra for test BO3111!" -- On a middle aged housewife.

"I'm a No. 1-B Virgin!" -- proud sartorial boast of a fat, sweating guy hauling a 5-foot tall load of bundled cardboard and crushed plastic water bottles on a gurney.

And finally..."Awww, fuck off!" -- Not a T-shirt but an impassioned verbal fund raising appeal by a female middle school student frustrated at being ignored by a foreign couple after she hit them up for a donation. (Thanks to Doug C. for this one)
Yeah, I love laughing at the ridiculous shirts in Dongmen. Most are just a sequence of letters that come out as gibberish.
I've been thinking of making nonsensicle shirts in Chinese to see if anyone notices.
Yeah, there's a blog called Hanzi Smatter by a guy named Tian that features pics and examples of nonsense Chinese that foreigners have as tatoos. It's pretty funny.
There was a guy in Nanjing who made a "top 10" list of things not to say to foreigners in China back around 2003. He made it out onto the street for about 20 minutes before being surrounded by an angry crowd, then the cops made him strip and took him to jail.

The chinglish on those T's simply reflects the quality of english teaching in the classroom.
Hey Justin,

Haven't seen the blog for a while. Either you're a)recovering and pathetic, b)recovering and having too much fun with C and a smuggled bottle of El Patron to sit at the computer and write, or c) totally recovered and out enjoying the great outdoors, skydiving, bungee jumping, buzzing tourists from an ultra-light over the Great Wall and generally ignoring all of us who depend on your cynic wit to balance our otherwise sensible and sedate lives.

Hope it's in the b) or c) category.

Sadly it's mostly (A) or worse. Been in a bad funk lately. Too pathetic to blog about.
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