Thursday, August 17, 2006

After 10 years it appears JonBenet Ramsey's slayer has been arrested in Thailand. The news has been breaking since this morning and our paper has no space for it - though I'd happily scrap a 30-some centimeter screed I'd been toiling reluctantly on concerning Hong Kong Gurkhas complaining about their problems with their former employer, the British government - in favor of a good juicy JonBenet write-up.
"I know it was enormous in the United States," one page editor told me. "A media frenzy, right? We hardly were aware of it here."
I'm heavily biased, of course. I lived in Boulder at the time, wrote a few pieces about it for MSNBC and other media and was as convinced as most that the late mother, Patsy, was the killer. It consumed the town and ruined some careers, including some investigators and at least one young reporter at the Boulder paper. It also brought the loonballs out - the secretary of my lawyer once unwisely showed me a five page scenario she'd written theorizing that her employer had done it. She was serious, and seriously unemployed shortly thereafter.
My then-wife and I also had some sick fun with it, running a weekly JonBenet trivia column on an AOL community website as part of our Boulder coverage and driving out of town visitors to the death house to pose for photos.
Now it appears that an American teacher and apparent pedophile who'd hoped to lose himself (and, I imagine, like Gary Glitter in Vietnam and Cambodia, indulge in his sickness) in Asia has been run to ground.
Thank gawd it's over. But it's not, of course. The JonBenet media machine, long dormant, is being dusted off and polished, choking and sputtering a little, yes, but it's going to be roaring full-on soon as John Karr is flown to Boulder and tried.
And, honestly, I wish I were part of it again, if only for a little while.
Gotta say - I was sure it was the brother. But the whole thing was such a Boulder story was it not. Even all of the crazy speculation. Its just what happens in a town where - well nothing ever happens!
don't count your chickens just yet.
Sounds like you're buying that he did it.

Ten year old case, election year arrest. Is Lacey up for reelection this year?
And it seems he did a LOT of research on the web. But forgot that his ex-wife would remember where he was on Boxing Day 10 years ago. Remember Chrstmas is that kind of a holiday that you remember when you miss one, and she says he was with here in Georgia or some other Southern state, well distant from Colorado.

He may indeen be a pediophile, but it may be hat he is the wrong one looking for his 15 minutes of "fame"

No, not the bruddah and I'm not buying that Karr did it.
People who knew the Ramseys all said that the brother was a little "slow" read: borderline retarded or a "special needs" kinda kid.

And of course as the news emerges now it sounds like Karr is confessing for the attention as Don notes here.
Just saw a 30 sec footage of the killer talking to the press with his hands cuffed. Even though it is never funny to be the centre of a billion journalists, this guy really looked a mess.

I swear that if I met him on the street I would have pinpointed him as a complete psycho. Absolutely dead eyes, and would have done an excellent job acting as the wannabee-a-woman serial killer in Silence of the Lambs. Best of all was when he told that the murder was an accident. Oh yeah, an innocent game like kidnapping and sexual assault sometimes lead to accidental murder. I bet that, in the end, it was the child’s fault too, right? Soon you’ll be a free man my psycho friend. Very soon.
Looks like his "confession" is starting to break apart. Said that he picked up the girl from School (on Christmas?!?)

What kind of wierd psychos are american esl teachers in Asia...... er.

He did it...he's guilty...Lets make the Boulder Police look good, i mean they caught thier man...right? There again there was that man down the Dark Horse a few nights ago & he had a friend who had a friend who overheard some guy in the OTB whose girlfriends brother in law says he is as guilty as sin...honest guv!
There were two different DNA strains in Jonbenet's underwear. There is a persistent rumor that the mother if not both parents were part of some clique of wealthy child molesters. A secret society of sorts on par with NAMBLA or worse. The child beauty pagents serve as cover and as a "supermarket" for their activities. I think this case has much deeper roots than one guy.

Also, I had heard initially that Karr was arrested in Thailand for a seperate sex crime allegation and suddenly came up with this "I killed Jonbenet" story. Was Karr trying to duck a long jail term or execution in Thailand and hope for protective custody in a US jail (even though the guards would end up letting the bulls have their way with him).
Hi, there , i ve been reading your blog for awhile , i did notice you at sb btw. lol . ur words, um.. not bad indeed . not sure if you do enjoy the life in szh . mind to share me with ur thoughts ? email me whenever u feel free . could be sure that ur always surrounded by pretties . lol . have a great week ahead .
email add. :
Whatever the score on the Jean Benet case, I'm just glad that the Israel/Palestine thing has been peacefully resolved. As well as the Iraq thing. And the Afghanistan thing.

...Oh, what's that? Nothing's been peacefully resolved? You say this is just a bait-and-switch thing to distract us from meaningful world-happenings?

Also, I'm getting sick of these muthafuckin snakes on this muthafuckin plane.
August 19, 2006 -- BOULDER, Colo. - Never before have I ever heard a prosecutor exhort so passionately the need to consider a nasty insect to be presumed innocent.

"It tells me the case is going south," said local attorney Larry Posner, referring to statements made by District Attorney Mary Lacy.

Trip Demuth, a former Boulder DA, said tersely: "I think she has been had."

On Thursday, DA Lacy appropriately remained tight-lipped about details of the case, but reminded everyone umpteen times that John Mark Karr is presumed innocent.

Bob Grant, a former DA of adjoining Adams County and a friend of Lacy, said: "I do think it's time for healthy skepticism. Mary is a great prosecutor and although she had every probable cause for extradition, I think her words have shown she has a lack of complete confidence in her case."

Grant was involved in the initial investigation in the murder of JonBenet Ramsey 10 years ago.

"Apart from a circle of main suspects, we had an additional 100 suspects - which we eventually cleared - and, of course, there were three different men who came forward and confessed."

Karr's miserable life of perversion, which started when he was a teen, makes him a prime candidate as a professional confessor - or is there something more?

Apart from local authorities here, Thai police had taken dramatic interest in Karr, probing whether anything happened at his job - at a Bangkok school where he taught girls ages 6-12 until he was fired.

"Yes, the prospect of a Thai jail might certainly be a good motive to confess and get out of Bangkok - and get over here immediately to recant whatever confession he might have made," said Grant.
Innocent until found guilty he may be, but how come he gets flown back in business class comfort? If I was an American taxpayer I'd be asking questions.
Yeah, yeah. Lots of outrage about his flying style already, though now he's in less-comfy quarters in an LA jail awaiting transfer to Boulder.
Saw a US TV commentator railing about it this a.m. saying he should've flown in the cargo hold.
But now we hear that he had chin hair and sideburns removed by a specialist in Thailand in preparation for a sex-change. I bet he's banking on getting the American prison system to foot the bill for the rest of it.

Today he gets to use the first-class bathrooms, tomorrow the women's bathrooms.
The bulls will appreciate his efforts to become more of a b*h for them.
Flying back to Boulder from the Oregon coast yesterday afternoon, and there on the teeny tiny tv screen in front of me was dramatic, compelling helicopter shots of a small convoy of cars transporting Mr., er-, the future Miss Karr from Jeffco airport to the Boulder slammer. All cross streets were closed off, traffic jammed up, and every hotel/motel room in Boulder and immediate surroundings is taken, due to the media crush.

At least it's not another football scandal, and last time I looked, Ward Churchill has nothing apparently to do with the JonBenet story...
DNA Did not Match!

I guess he just wanted a free business class trip home from his sex change consultation!
As we draw this sordid chapter to a close ......
I told you he only wanted his 15 seconds of fame!
I just read the news on Hongkie Town. Sending good thoughts your way.
Hi Justin,

All best and I hope you recover soon and will be back to your old self.

Must be a bitch to miss all this juicy Boulder stuff :) ?

Get well Fred
I read your son's and spike's blog. Hope you take a good rest in Shenzhen and write fun topics here.
From Hongkie Town:

Just In - Justin
Received a call today from buddy Justin of Shenzhen Zen and myriad other accomplishments and activities. He asked me to post the following news here - hopefully many of his friends and fans also read this blog.

Last Thursday, Justin suffered a mild heart attack. The good news is that it was mild. There was no permanent damage. They performed an angiogram but he didn't need an angioplasty. He's out of the hospital and will be resting in Shenzhen this weekend.

I could not spend a long time on the phone with him but I asked him to take this as a wake-up call and cut back on his smoking, which is definitely a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

At any rate, I'm sure that all of you join me in wishing our very good friend a speedy recovery back to his usual full-on gonzoness.

Justin - best wishes for a speedy recovery from John, Chris, Vicki and Lita.
Hi Justin,

Shocking news indeed.

I hope you get well, and get back to blogging again soon. I need my dose of Shenzhen Zen. After all, you inspired me to start blogging.

I cross my fingers for a fast recovery.

Lisa and I both shocked to hear the news and wishing you a speedy recovery.

Praying for you for a speedy and full recovery.

So I imagine you'll get back into cross-country running?...well, ok, maybe speedwalking? about minimum two sit-ups before your first Bintang Baru of the day... anyway, yes, wake up call. We want you to last for several more Fairview reunions. Next one would be, what 40th? I'll be there if you will.

My mentor, my friend, my man...
Sorry to hear this news. But you know we're all thinking of you and pulling for you. Get better, buddy. ...Oh, if only I were still there, to help nurse you back to health...!
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