Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Message
Two inexplicable T-shirt spottings while walking to work today, both within about 20 seconds of one another.
1. Elderly woman with the proverbial "crone's hump" shuffling along in a white T with red lettering and heart that proclaimed: "I love hookers!"
2. A young athletic looking guy in trendy red rectangular specs followed her in a grey T with large bold-face black lettering: "PALSY"
I told two coworkers of these and one mentioned a sevelte and trim young woman he'd seen recently in a tight T and "Tweakers" across her breasts. But the prize went to the other guy who'd recently been served by an old waiter in a Chinese noodle shop whose T labeled him: "World's Best Bum Boy!"
Oh god, those are great. Where do they get them? The best shirt I've seen for sale recently was a girl's t that says I Love Mommy Motherhood, which of course I bought for my friend's wife. Which she'll never wear. But that's not the point.
I wish I knew where they get them and why. One of my "dream stories" is to chronicle the saga of a Chinglish t-shirt from design to sale.
See you can learn all of words but if cannot put them together you get >.... This of course goes hand in glove with the wording on some Chinese websites. But the funny thing is that most of the owners of these websites think they know better than ou about English. Maybe some of those freebie dinners made any English speaker suspect if he/she offers to correct them.
For more of these but in Janglish try
I have always wondered why an otherwise decent looking sort would want to have the logo B.U.M. across their chest (shouldn't it be across their backside?). And for that matter, why is it someone would pay a premium for the privilege of advertising for a clothing company whose clothes you have already bought? It took me years to find out who "Maui & Sons" were. I figured they were a surf-board manufacturer or purveyor of Hawaiian delicacies but no, they are a clothing manufacturer who is advertising their product in the product people have already bought...something screwy in that. I can understand a quiet polo logo, or even a demure alligator, but to emblazen a woman's blazer with an Ivy-League looking gold RJL seal and sell it for many hundreds of dollars is brazen to say the least...but, what the market will bear, I suppose.

Keep up the good work, Justin, and Happy 35th in a few weeks....Fairview Rocks...well, at least it's built on rocks...

i once saw a chick with "juicy" written across her breastseses...
As a granulate of Fairview (albeit never having attended a reunion whilst still in residence here in sunny Boulder...), I admit to a certain amount of chagrin when eldest daughter hit high school age and attended her neighborhood high school: the dreaded Boulder High. Minnie and Jake, Panthers, gawdawful school colors (but maybe better than Nebraska-red...), drugs, gang warfare, etc. However, I'm pleasantly surprised at how good BHS is in terms of a learning environment. (All the high school problems listed in the police notes seemingly stem from the rich white suburban kids at that other school. Hah!)
I bought a t-shirt in Stanley a few years ago. It was a plain colour with a grid of letters, like a word-finder. After a few months, a friend asked with a slight smirk whether I realised that it had a 'fuck you' hidden diagonally in the letters.

I didn't wear it again. It's a pity - I liked that t-shirt.
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