Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Strange Days
A sudden, unexpected shakeup at the paper on Friday has left me fairly shaken. While I can't go into details, suffice to say that the two men I admired most -- senior editors and two of the finest editors I've had in almost 30 years in the business -- were abruptly canned by the paper's executive editor two hours before he formally jumped ship for our competition.
He more or less shat in the nest, burned it down and fled. A former boss of his heard about it and reportedly e-mailed him with a succinct message: "What you did was evil. You will not be forgiven."
I second that emotion.
One of the fired editors got the word in California where he had gone for a month to give stem cells to his ailing twin. The other was here and a wake/goodbye party that lasted nearly 12 hours in Wan Chai bar ensued. It began about 9pm and I staggered back to my apartment at 7am Saturday.
Kids, don't try this at home.
I sense also that my days at The Standard may be numbered also as the two who left were my most ardent supporters, especially during a time last year when I came under fire for....for? For exactly what, I'm not sure. Backstabbing mofos abound, it seems, no matter where one lives.
Sorry to hear about the turmoil at your workplace but glad to see you update.

Keep on keeping on.
If you get wind of your sacking, go out with a bang. I never have done it myself, but Sir Tyler Hart is king of that move, and hasn't regretted it since.
Hope the best for you Justin.

I had begun wondering what kept you busy, but suspected you were in the middle of moving appts.

Guess there was more to it... Thanks for the update.
Everyone's got your back. I've always said that poo'ing in the nest is an unforgivable place to poo. If you should ever need anyone to break anyone's legs, I'm in pretty good with a few Hunanese gangs up here. And the Hunanese don't f around. ...They don't work after 3pm, but during the hours of 9 - 3 (allowing a 2 hour nap period in there) they're all business. Trust me.
Thanks to all you, plus those who e-mailed. 'sallright at the moment and that's all one can ask for sometimes.
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