Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Annie's Song
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The ``fattish'' mystery man with a dog whom neighbors of dead model Annie Pang described earlier had a name and a face as a witness in the ongoing noncriminal coroner's inquest into the cause and circumstances of her mysterious death in 1995.
Pang's decapitated remains -- skeleton on the floor, skull in a waste basket -- were found in her cluttered, unkempt bedroom in an apartment owned by her former married lover, lawyer John Fang, in October 1999.
Sit Ping-hung, a truck driver described by coroner's officer Dee Crebbin as Pang's last known boyfriend, said he met Pang in October 1993 when he was introduced to her in Macau by a friend who was dating her at the time.
About a month later he said went with another man at Pang's invitation to her apartment in Sai Kung which previous testimony has shown was also owned by Fang. It was over cocktails of narcotic cough syrup that night that Sit said he and Pang went to bed and consummated a relationship that would become increasingly fraught with melodrama and angst until they agreed to break it off near the middle of 1995.
``I was high,'' Sit said of the cough syrup, which he said Pang poured from a ``big bottle, almost a gallon. Annie became delirious and from that day on we were together.''
While Sit minimized his own drug experiences, he said Pang become addicted to cough syrup and Halcyon sleeping pills and finally turned to smoking heroin in the year she disappeared. Heroin traces were found in her hair.
He described quarrels, and several suicide attempts, including one in which Pang climbed out a 26th floor window and threatened to jump from a laundry rack and another mutual pact where both were in a bathroom and he severed the gas line.``I switched on the gas and we waited for death to come,'' Sit said. ``I passed out but Annie called the police.''
The pair had moved from Sai Kung to share an apartment with Sit's sister, who eventually grew weary of the ambulances and firetrucks and neighbor complaints and told them to leave.
Suicide reports were made to authorities in March, April and July of 1994, Crebbin said. Sit said that non-reported attempts were also made ``too often.''
The pair then moved into the Yau Ma Tei apartment on Waterloo Road where Pang would later die. While there they owned a pomeranian dog named Bobo for several months until Pang sold it, Sit said. Sit initially claimed he knew nothing of Pang's long relationship with Fang, but admitted to Crebbin that his former sister-in-law, who had opened a bank account for Pang, told him that the two had been lovers. He also said once accompanied Pang to Fang's law office where he waited outside while she went in to ask Fang for money.
He said Pang's refusal to give up drugs led to his decision to leave her. In the summer of 1995 Sit told her he was going to the mainland to find a wife and asked her for money.
She told him she had none but he claimed she gave him two gold bracelets and a ring which he pawned for about HK$1,500 and took to China where he found no wife but instead ``found some fun because I felt bored.''
Sit said he never saw her or went to the apartment again.
When Pang's remains were found in 1999 there was a message scrawled in lipstick on the bathroom mirror, one that Sit said he had seen following a 1995 suicide attempt. It read: ``I have gone to Kalong Wah hospital.''
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