Tuesday, January 03, 2006

With a Little Help From My Friends
Back "home" after an often frazzled visit to my homeland with C. Couldn't have done it though without tea, sympathy, meals, lodging, transportation, conversation and some adult beverages courtesy of a host of friends and family.
Chris, the entire Smallwood clan, Kim, Hans, Fritz, Janeen, Matt and Debbie, Sherry, Leland, my dad, Julian, Da7e, Rob, Joe, Ernesto Che, Mary, Chris P., thanks to you all.
And Flatirons Mall, I hope to gawd I never hobble through your tainted environs again.
One thing about cross-cultural experiences that C and I remark a lot on but can rarely find real common ground on is that experiences in China which fascinate me can often bore and irritate the hell out of her and vice versa. From my point of view see: an American mall during Christmas season. From her point of view see: my repeated questions and superficial observations regarding Chinese customs and methods I'll never fully comprehend.
So I guess it's an even exchange.
And we're moving to another apartment this week in Shenzhen, C tells me blithely today over the phone at the last minute. I knew it was due, but had no clue it would be so soon. I'm gonna miss the Lucky Number and its neighborhood. Home no. 3 in Shenzhen (counting two different apts in the Lucky Number) will be slightly more upscale and more secure (as in, no Chinese Block Captain cadres monitoring her birth control methods) in an also more sterile area. Kind of a Shenzhen yuppieville. No handy corner grocery stores, no wet market, no DVD pirate boyz, fewer trees, probably fewer children, less public transport and definitely a lot less soul. But there is a balcony with a great view, such as they are in Shenzhen.
From Washington state, my wife and I will be traveling to Shenzhen to meet with a manufacturers rep who is handling manufacture of some metal parts for an invention of mine we plan to market in 2006. I have met him before in Shanghai (my first trip to China), but this will be our first visit to Shenzhen. This morning I thought I’d Google “Shenzhen travel” (or something like that), came across your blog, and have been reading your posts (chronologically backwards) through three cups off coffee. This also marks the first time I’ve checked out a blog of any kind!

Anyway, I very much enjoy your writing, humor, and insight, Thank you very much.

Very Best Regards,

I'd be really interested to hear some of C's views on life in the States. Maybe in some future entries you could give us some stories from your trip? Anyway, just a suggestion.
Hi Scott, thanks for checking it out. If you and your wife have time when you come to SZ perhaps we can do a meet & greet. I've met some pretty wonderful folks through this connection both online and f2f in SZ and HK.
Stuart, will do. Gracias for the suggestion.
Hello Justin,
You mentioned a "meet and greet" during our time in SZ and that's something we would would very much appreciate. How do we get in touch?

Best regards,

Hey Scott,
Email me at average_guy26atYahoo dotcom and we can go from there.
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