Monday, December 26, 2005

Half a World Away
A quick one. As Steve C says in comment mode on my previous post, yeah, it's probably warmer here in Boulder at the moment than back in Hong Kong. But good to be back. Took C up Flagstaff yesterday and on the way back stopped at the cemetery where my ma is buried to pay a visit.
Near her grave is a double heart shaped tombstone with Chinese characters. I'd always wondered about the couple buried there (there are two names in English characters and birth and death dates). C studied it a minute and then said in surprised squeak: "They were from Guangdong!"
That's the same province that contains Shenzhen. Wow was all I could say and think. All the small world cliches began burrowing through my brain as well.
I'd visited my ma's grave dozens of times since her death in 1995 and occasionally wondered about her Chinese neighbors. Now here I was back from Guangdong province after 2 years and here they were buried in what is essentially my hometown.
Good thing I wasn't stoned or I'd contemplated this sychronicity more than probably was merited.
So I wished mother a Merry Christmas, "introduced" her to C and wished the Chinese couple a silent Happy Chinese New Year in advance and left still feeling kinda cosmically awed and impaired.
it was really great to see you again Dad. I hope you and C had as nice of a time as I did. I love you and I miss you.
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