Monday, November 21, 2005

Broken English Pt 2
Some quick Chinglishisms discovered this weekend. The first from the menu of a Shenzhen restaurant chain called Coffee Language - notable for its high prices and mediocre-to-prison cafeteria quality food, both western and Chinese.
American Pork Cutlet
''Coming from the United States adds the continent the White Pig picks connecting the bone portion.''
Air Freight Chilled Steak
''Through disenfecto handles with the vacuum packed, because of fresh this its meat quality pole with delicate slippery.'' (Ed Note: I thought I ordered a steak, not a porno flick...)
Chilled Angus Rib Eye Steak
''Chilled Angus Rib Eye Steak call to contain the sidelips cow rib eye open again is from the cow, the cent inside the ridge of the rib slices.''
The proceeding is taken from a high-end clothing boutique entrance display board:
''...It is basing on everlasting dress culture, composing a warm and fashion music for the rag trade. A believer in the principles of humanism our products ... will make you endless imagination and dream of you in a fresh, exciting and crazy when viewing our products!''
Hm... whaddaya know? I dreamt of you in a fresh, exciting and crazy just last night...
The ability to comment on this blog is something I've waited a long time for, and now that it's here...I'm blanking. Be assured I'll be watching and now, you'll know.
My security word is SOCKMEAF, which goes along perfectly with this post.

"Airfreight chilled steak", eh? Have to try me one-a those crazy slippery ones.
Sam's security word? Like, when he's had enough and wants his partner to stop...? I usually use something simple and easy to remember, but 'sockmeaf' is sorta appropo I guess.
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