Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Eat the Menu
After awhile here one becomes almost oblivious to the Chinglish menu descriptions, but I've recently compiled a few mostly literate English language offerings from a Hong Kong University cafeteria and my own employee site o' fine dining.. It's not the language, but the culinary combos that continue to shock and awe me.
Dried bean curd and egg
Apricot kernel, whole fungus and pear.
Tangerine peels, lily bulb and red bean.
Western Set
Fish fillet and sausages. Boiled Spanish lettuce and lunch meat. Chicken a la king with ham. All come with a choice of rice, spaghetti, or french fries.
Soups: Vegetable melon with dried squid and pig bone. Papaya with beans and spare ribs. Carrot with whole fungus and spare ribs.
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