Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Poor Pitiful Me
As alluded to in the last entry, the well is currently running dry, though by all rights perhaps I should be happier with what's recently transpired. After a nearly 2-month wait, I was finally shifted from copy desk duties and away from an increasingly hostile situation with an under assistant major domo Yank hater who resembles a squatty rotund fetus to full-time reporting which means better hours and more opportunities.
But I'm splatted over a few speed bumps. I now find myself shy of good story ideas and it's been made very clear that expectations are high for me. My most recent column was killed _ the first time that's happened. And I find myself increasingly bored with life as I've known it so far in Hong Kong; not a good sign.
So thems the breaks and that's the news. Hoping for something light, bright and mirth making to come my way soon. As Dylan sang in Brownsville Girl: ``Oh, if there's an original thought out there, I could use it right now.''
PS Did I mention that I've also been moved to three different desks in two days? And that when I just finished posting this I felt a large gob of water drip on my wrist. I looked at my wet arm, looked up and a female Chinese coworker across from me looked at me sympathetically. "Sometimes the water drip. Very much," she said solemnly. "Maybe you change another desk?"
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