Monday, July 18, 2005

Wasted Words
Editing some of the stories by non-native English speaking reporters can be both a challenge and, well, occasionally entertaining if you're able to mentally remove yourself from the task. Often the effect is surrealistic, as if the reporter had snipped words at random, tossed them on a page and submitted the result as a "story.''
Submitted for your approval are several raw excerpts. The names have been omitted to protect the guilty.
Beijing-picked Chief Executive contender of high popularity can diffuse peoples political aspirations for full democracy, according to the Liberal Party chairman James Tien who was disillusioned with his low poll rating that withdrew from the top leader race two months brfore the Chief Executive election this July.

Chief executive Donald Tsang denied he had conflict of interest despite stepping in the application of New World Development to convert part of a car-park at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre for a second hand car exhibition centre during the Sars saga two years ago that raised speculations that it helped his brother employment with the group.

Don't be surprise if you bump into in nice suit with bow-tie Donald Tsang at a fast food shop in Central for lunch today.
If you have a little kid, Tsang may kiss him face on the cheeks or give her a big hug.
As the eldest son of late senior Tsang Wan, a former rank and file at the Central Police Station, Tsang will kickoff his meet-the-people campaign trail by visiting the former police station of heritage, symoblising his humble story.
If you are an early bird out for work or to school in the Abedreen, you may be amazed with the tipped contender for the bid greeting you with his usual board smile and shaking hands with passersby at bus terminus or in the streets in the Abedreen.

Speeding and low visibility may cause a collusion between a catamaran and a cargo ship at Tsing Yi which sent 97 catamaran crews and passengers to five hospitals in Thursday morning.
At 8.10 am, there was a collusion between the catamaran taking nine crews and 156 passengers and a mainland-registered coastal vessel Zhong Hang 908.
The collusion was occurred at the junction of Ma Wan Fairway and Kap Shui Mun Fairway which is the waters away from MOBIL Oil Depot at the southwest corner of Tsing Yi Island.
Within a hour after the collusion, police launches took off about 18 passengers off the catamaran and sent them to Princess Margaret Hospital.
``People sitting at the front rows suffered the worst hit because there is a big space. Most were fallen down from their seats and colluded to elsewhere at the moment when the ship was stopped unexpectedly,'' a unhurt male catamaran passenger told reporter.
``There were big chaos. Those did not fasten their seat belts and facing nothing in front of their seats suffered the most serious injuries,'' another unhurt male passenger Lai told reporters.
Lai used his mobile handset to take a photograph showing a white cavity pillar in the catamaran was damaged which was apparently caused by collusion of a human head to the pillar.
``We felt a sudden reduction of the ship speed which was so abnormal. I then heard horns made by the ship and saw a black shadow colluding to our vessel. Luckily, I was just fell down from my seat,'' another passenger said.

another case, a ``model agency'' approached a careless complainant and induced him with many flatteries to pay HK$20,000 out of his credit cards to make album to persuade its clients giving bontiful catwalk jobs to the careless complainant. But the careless complainant soon found his earning was too little to cover his cost of beauty make-up, bathing costumes and his album.

He said the pair of rats could be expanded to 800 pairs in 12 months if people did not take immediate actions.
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