Monday, March 21, 2005

Never Going Back to Rockville
How I Made a Thorough Ass of Myself to REM Singer Michael Stipe Today. (Or Reason Number 617 Why I Am Unfit to Ever Resume Working as a Rock/Pop Chronicler.)
REM played here last night and despite the fact that I didn't attend the show because I had to work, when I spotted Stipe wandering around at noon in a business/shopping area called Central, I made eye contact and blurted out: "Hey Peter! Great show last night!"
Michael gave me a mild 'who/what-the-fuck?' look but politely replied, "Thanks, man."
My brain fart - which continued as I madly TM'd Julian and left voice messages with a couple friends in the States about my celeb sighting of "Peter Garrett" - came, I realized, from suddenly mixing up REM guitarist Peter Buck and Stipe's increasing resemblance to chrome-domed lanky Aussie vocalist Peter Garrett of Midnight Oil.
Dylan's Idiot Wind ("I'm an idiot babe, it's a wonder I can even speak") then began ringing through my head.
That is all.
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