Tuesday, March 01, 2005

"I walked 47 miles on barbed-wire, got a cobra-snake for a necktie. Built a house by the roadside, made outta rattlesnake hide..."
The immodest mostly non-China related post that follows was inspired by a blogger aquaintance of mine who recently posted: "OK, ten things I've done that you probably haven't" and went on to list, among other accomplishments great and small: Sailed from Maryland to Bermuda and back on a 35-foot sloop; conducted at Carnegie Hall; nearly got head blown off by a guard for sitting on a bench at the Haitian governer's palace; was a file clerk for the CIA and (my fave) performed as a dancing leper in Dido and Aeneas.
Here are my 10:
1. Clambered on and attempted to ride a rodeo bull for all of 2.8 seconds, broke tailbone.
2. Pulled 6.8 g's in an F-18 Navy Blue Angel jet and didn't blow chunks.
3. Took a porn star to a Rolling Stones concert and spent the night with her in Denver's venerable Oxford Hotel.
4. Called a 'clueless moron' by Barry Manilow.
5. Ate broiled dog with Chinese coworkers on Mao Zedong's birthday.
6. Took a Vitamin B-12 injection in the butt backstage with Ted Nugent.
7. Wrote simultaneously as columnists Ed Anger, Serena Sabak ("the world's sexiest psychic") and Dotti Primrose for the Weekly World News
8. Lived with 8 Koreans in a two-bedroom house in Lincoln, Nebraska.
9. Had lunch with Yoko Ono.
10. Bathed President Eisenhower's senile pilot in a Boulder, Colorado nursing home.
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