Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Monster Mash
Halloween is fast approaching and while the "ghost festival" as one coworker describes it isn't celebrated in China, it is an excuse for parties and promotions at bars, hotels and restaurants in Shenzhen looking to cater to the barbarians and Chinese wannabe foreign devils.
Press releases from various establishments eager to get some publicity in our weekend edition have been trickling in. Here are a few events I can look forward to: (All items reprinted verbatim)

*"At our Holloween party on October 31 you will find kobolds, gnomblins, witches, and suck blood ghosts women out there invited to join us! Any person carving a costume will pumpkin drink free. Booh! Booh!"
*"Party Time! Killer to catch a young lady to the stage and use the much sharp sword to cut through her throat deeply. Kiss! Kiss! Drink blood! All ghosts to uplift the lady's body. Ghost Ambassador to take photos!"
*"Teiko to frantic spooky dancing among foreign guests and scare them with force." (Editor's note: No idea who or what Teiko may be)
*And my favorite: "White-Boner to dance among the guests!"
As barbarian coworker Jeff said when I told him about "White-Boner": "Now that I'd pay to see."
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