Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Torn and frayed. The session ends in two days and like a low budget version of MTV's Real World the strain is beginning to show among our cast. S, a young guy who plays Div. 2 football and is an education major, has the hots for T, a self-assured, opinionated woman but has been frustrated in his attempts. T has enjoyed his attention but has no intention of sealing the deal. Beanie, Julian's TA, has become infatuated with J, a female American teacher who, though she prefers Asian men finds Beanie cute but not her type. Male and female teachers M (a guy) and N (woman) arrived as a couple and room together but according to M, they haven't had any physical contact for months and he's discovered the local fleshpots and a bar girl in particular that has taken a chuck of his pay in advance for drinks and fondling. He introduced S to the bar girl scene recently and now T is wondering why S's attention has strayed. Heh.
The students are not immune to the strain. One of Julian's students - not Rod Stewart - bit another student and the victim's father has pulled his son out of the camp. The biter has been expelled. Several hours later a full out brawl broke out in another classroom that left one kid on the floor and five others trying to restrain another.
Three of us discovered the Merry Christmas kareoke bar recently and discovered that drunken Chinese can sing as badly as drunken Americans. But as a trio we wowed the locals with an impassioned version of Louie Louie - the "clean" version.
Sign posted in the campus library. A picture of a fire extinguisher with this message: "Embezzlement is Strictly Prohibited."
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