Sunday, July 13, 2003

More blog on the run between classes and the "talent show" we 13 are supposed to give for the students tonight. It's hotter and more humid here than anyplace I've ever been, including Florida and Thailand. I'm sure my students have already nicknamed me "Waterhead Man" or "Sweaty Barbarian." Thankfully our dorm room is air conditioned, though having the toilet as a large rentangular hole in the shower stall was a real surprise.
We've had virtually no time to rest except for our first night of sleep since we've arrived. Last night as we were all ready to collapse from jet lag we were taken unshowered to a dinner in our honor at a swanky restaurant that included fine linen tableclothes, crystal goblets and the silhouettes of rats scurrying across the opaque class ceiling when the lights went on. It was easily a 15 course spread that included a ginger chicken complete with severed head that kind of put Julian briefly off his feed.
Highlight of class today? While having the kids -- 6th and 7th graders -- interview each other and then tell me about their "new friends" one boy told me that his pal "like to fuck."
I congratulated him on using the word correctly but told him that it wasn't one we would be using in class.
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