Thursday, July 24, 2003

Hail Britannia. A supposed selling point of this camp is that it teaches American English. Which conflicts with the fact that all these children have learned British English. Hence we all spend a lot of time explaining that lorries are trucks, rubbish bins are trash cans, lifts are elevators, the WC (water closet) is a toilet/bathroom, restroom and that humor, behavior, favor and color are not spelled with U's. I did have a large U with a circle around it and a slash through it written on the blackboard. Unfortunately, several kids took it literally and stopped putting U's in any of their words.
Speaking of words, one unwitting 11-year-old girl in another class showed up yesterday proudly wearing a new orange T-shirt that read "If It's Not Stiff, It's Not Worth a Fuck." Her teacher explained it wasn't attire that a polite American would wear and she spent the rest of the day wearing her backpack in front.

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