Friday, July 11, 2003

Blogging on the run from the Hong Kong airport after 17 hours of flying. Julian and I are fine. Ate at McDonald's for our first meal on Asian soil. Had our temps taken for SARS to get in as thermal cameras scanned our body heat. Our group is 13 people ranging from two 50 year olds - me and another woman (we're alsothe only smokers) to a hip-hop dance dude who just returned from Russia, several folks who've done this before - all mostly in their 20s. Julian is the youngest at 18 and fitting in well. Supposed to leave for China proper in an hour. Frazzled, sleep deprived, bio-clocks askew but also exhilerated. We've still got nine hours (it's noon here now) before we're officially off the clock after orientation and a greetingdinner. But we smell so funky, we might drive our hosts away early.
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