Tuesday, June 17, 2003

For some reason the idea of Minsk Aircraft Carrier World compelled me to seek out more info on the subject when I should be studying a Mandarin phrase book. I picked up this useful tidbit on MACW: ""The park combine with two parts, the sea and the land. The sea park firstly open more than ten thousand square meters sightsee area to the public let the tourist feel the newness and stimulate of the carrier life. The land park perfectly combines the Southland beach life and the military atmosphere. It suits to be a fallow or a casino. Minsk Aircraft Carrier Park specializes from other Parks for its brilliance military theme."
I especially like the part about feeling the "newness and stimulate of the carrier life." It sounds almost erotic.
Not so erotic was the warning an ESL teacher mentioned to me. "Pig latrines" are found in rural areas. They are outhouses at the bottom of which sit live pigs who eat the manna dropping from above. Then the pigs are eaten. Pu-shu pork, anyone? The idea of squatting over a dark hole from which red. beady eyes can be seen and grunting/squealing sounds issue does not fill me with confidence. And I feel sorry for the pigs. As an aquaintance of mine noted: "It gives new meaning to the phrase "happier than a pig in shit."

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